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Json, The Science Tutor 


Name: Json Lim

My Teaching Philosophy:

Everyday when i enter a class, i have only 1 objective in mind, it is to"Keep Things Easy" . This simple yet effective approach has done wonders for my students. It no wonder our students always says:"huh you mean its really so easy only"  


This is the same philosophy that I adopt for my students and my own children as well.  



Education Background:

  • Mei Chin Primary School (Indian International School now :(, teaches us to cherish things and people while they are still around.)  
  • Saint Andrew's School
  • Anderson Junior College
  • Nanyang Technological University, School of Applied Science (Materials Eng)
  • National Institute of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Education


1998 - Present - Tutor in secondary Sciences

2002-2005 - School Teacher





Vina, The Math Tutor

Name : Vina Lee

Her Teaching Philosophy: She is a workhorse. While she demands a lot from the students, she takes it upon herself to provide quality teaching and materials to her students. A long wait list for her classes is a testament to her teaching accomplishment. As a hardworking and studious student herself, she impart similar qualities to her students.


 Education Background:

  •  Li Hua Primary School
  • Anderson Secondary School
  • Anderson Junior College
  • National University of Singapore, School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • National University of Singapore, School of Science (Masters of Science, Statistics)
  • National Institute of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Education.


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