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  1. What is the maximum size of your classes?

    Our maximum class size is 8.

  2. Can you add in 1 more student to your maximum class?

    We are unable to add in 1 more student to our class as our promise to our existing students that the class will be capped at 8.

  3. Where is your class located?

    We are located in Bishan, within 10 minute walking (strolling) from MRT station.

  4. My child has extra lessons till about 5 o clock, can he eat dinner at your place?

    Sure, lots of students do that. A couple of them buy their dinner weekly and have their picnic before or during class.

  5. Is the class air conditioned?


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Our Teachers

  1. What is your qualification?

    Json, aka the science tutor, is a former MOE teacher. He is an alumni of NTU and NIE. He completed his degree in Bach Applied Science (Materials Engineering), followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from NIE.

    Vina, aka the mathematics tutor, is also a former MOE teacher. She is an alumni of NUS and NIE. She completed her degree in Bach of Social Sciences (Economics and Statistics) Hons. She also completed her Masters of Science (Statistics) in NUS and subsequently a Post Graduate Diploma of Education from NIE.

  2. How does your students normally fare during O levels?

    Traditionally, we have consistently been producing over 80% As (both A1 and A2) over the last 7 years. However, this is not a sureity of success unless the students follow our methodology and put in the hard work.

  3. Do you administer test for the students?

    Yes we do. During the test, we observe the students' pacing of the paper and will advice accordingly after we marked their scripts. 

  4. Do your teachers assign homework?

    Yes and lots of it. However, it is not easy but we feel that its a small price to pay for your distinctions.

  5. Do you mark homework?

    Certain homework is marked, especially the yearly and school scripts. It is important for us to see the students' work hence we need them to submit their homework on time for marking.

  6. How many marked scripts can i expect?

    We are looking at an average 10 additional and 10 elementary math papers for mathematics and 16 Chemistry and 16 physics for pure sciences per year. For combined sciences, we are looking at about 12 papers per year.

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  1. Where are you located?

    Our classes are located in Bishan, more details will be available when the registration is confirmed.

  2. Bishan? Thats very far from my place, do you have other branches?

    Unfortunately no as we prefer to do the teaching ourselves hence this is the only place we have. In 2014 alone, we have students who are staying in Bedok, Pasir Ris, Jurong, Woodlands etc. We are pleased that we have not disappointed them despite having to travel pretty far to us.

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